Shoot your shot and enjoy the process

Training and racing to your highest potential is so much more than moving your body. Holistically, it’s your entire lifestyle, your happiness, your stress levels, your ability to deal with the negative voice in your head and the willingness to grow. It’s about shooting your shot and taking risks. It’s about the stories we can tell. It’s about moving past our limits.

I’ve recently had the privilege of my first race for England at the Antrim Half Marathon in Northern Ireland. It was a wonderful weekend organised by England Road Running Manager Tom Craggs and the brilliant race organisers who were extremely welcoming.

I committed to going out hard and not wearing a watch. I decided that I will shoot my shot and see what I had with no limits. I tucked in behind a large group of runners going around 63 minute pace but the legs came off at around 13k. After some lonely miles I finished in a new pb of 65.30.

If it was a more even paced race I’m confident of running around 64 minutes. However, I came to race to see what I had on the day. I have no regrets having gone through 10k in a new pb just over 30 minutes. I have no regrets of fading a little in the middle but I do have enhanced confidence that I can mix it with the best with more patience, more training and more self belief. I’m determined to continue to shoot my shots and not have any regrets with my running. This will lead to many mistakes but also many ‘breakthroughs’. More importantly, this will lead to a more memorable journey and a more fulfilling process.