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Clint Hall, Telford Athletics Club


'Not what I expected! Been running for 5 years in road trail and fell. Since the pandemic I plateaued and lost my running mojo in the sport I loved so much and it started to feel more like a chore than a mental release . 


I reached out to Dan just out of curiosity to see if he could help me out regards my overall performance and form . He responded with out hesitation and arranged an assessment and from that point he tailor made a plan to meet my personal goals and future achievements. 


Dan has mentored me in nutrition, strength and conditioning, which has improved my overall running form leading to better economical running performance on the trails, track, and road 


I highly recommend Dan as a run coach to meet your personal goals'


Cristina O'Brien, Telford AC


'There was a clear lack of planning and integrity in my training before I started working with Dan. This was one of the main reasons as to why I believe that Dan's coaching would prove quite beneficial to my overall running. I had a PT session with Dan and quickly realised that Dan excels in technical knowledge and is truly enthusiastic about all things related to running.


His technical knowledge on strength and conditioning (S&C) is excellent. S&C was a part of my running routine that sorely lacked daily routine - there is a lot of advice out there, however selecting the right exercises for me was never easy. Based on the assessment, Dan identified a few S&C exercises that are now part of my gym routine. Running technique was another element of my running which Dan helped me with. Having had the opportunity of attending the Nuffield running class on the treadmill, I had feedback on my technique and I have already seen improvement in my overall running based on the feedback from Dan. Dan is always happy to help and offer his advice and the above examples clearly demonstrate his determination to help runners become better and stay injury free. I'd highly recommend Dan to all of my running friends.'

Darren Owen-Jones, Telford Harriers

'My strength and conditioning assessment with Dan was a great experience.  He put me at ease straight away and explained everything clearly.  I was a bit apprehensive as I have never really engaged with strength and conditioning previously.  I’m a typical runner – if I want to improve I just run more!  Dan’s knowledge and thorough explanations impressed me.  He helped me to understand how strength and conditioning would help me reach the next level in my running.  Dan followed up the assessment with a detailed report which explained the areas I need to work on. I would definitely recommend him to other runners looking to improve.  I will be booking more sessions with him’ 

Billy Cartwright, English fell running champion and international mountain runner

'I have progressed from a very low mileage to 90 miles per week within a year. I owe this breakthrough in training to Dan, who through his extensive knowledge in S&C has made my body strong enough to do the training I needed to do to represent my country in mountain running. ​


Dan is always friendly, encouraging and a pleasure to work with. He has also educated me enough that I am now competent to carry out my own sessions independently and I know the reasons why I am doing each exercise'

Rachael Hares


'After having my second child, my return to running was slower than planned due to injury and time. I was finding it hard to make the time to run, and was getting frustrated as I started to make progress, only to fall behind again a few weeks later. I decided I needed some support with my running to help me maximise the time that I had and also to help with the motivation to go out in the dark winter nights. I came across Dan through social media he was local and also seemed to enjoy the run disciplines and mind set that I do.

I have been working with Dan since the beginning of December and I am so pleased with my progress, the consistency and being efficient with my time has allowed me to move forward quicker a lot quicker than I thought I could. So much I feel I am ready to race after 2.5 years. My plan is interesting and flexible which is key to my current lifestyle and Dan is always quick to respond to messages.

I look forward to seeing what the summer will bring!'